Hyzumi BeautiSpa

Japan’s patented luxurious hydrogen water generator

For the face and body

With Hyzumi BeautiSpa, everyone can now enjoy a relaxing bath in their own home with the added benefits of recovery and regeneration after a long day. 

Our products are just unique.

Sirim QAS international

Patent number PCT/ MY2018/ 000024
Japan Patented Office
Energia Research Institute Japan
The International Trademark System
Japan Chemical Innovation and Inspection Insitute

Our Patented Technology​

Patented electrochemical delivery system.

Through several years of research and development, we have created and patented our very own hydrogen water generator technology. Our generators are specifically designed with titanium electrodes plated with a thick layer of platinum to ensure the best consistency in hydrogen performance. These are certified food contact safe by SGS , Japan Chemical Innovation and Inpection Institute.

Never enough nanobubbles

Thick visible layer of hydrogen bubbles in water.

When Hyzumi hydrogen generatoris in use, you will notice the abundance of tiny hydrogen molecules that are converted and released from the cylindrical mesh. These molecules are proof of the high concentration levels of dissolved hydrogen.

Non toxic

We ensured that our products are entirely safe to use and  built with non toxic materials. 

Replenishes hydration

With Hyzumi BeautiSpa, soaking in hydrogen repairs the skin to maintain moisture and hydration long term. As our product can achieve up to 0.8 ppm in a bathtub.

Life is rebalanced, with Hyzumi BeautiSpa.

Upgrade your water to H class water.

What is Molecular Hydrogen

Hydrogen is an element that is made from a single electron and proton. It is one of the most abundant and smallest molecules found in the universe 24. Water is made up of 2 hydrogen atoms H2 and 1 oxygen atom 24. To obtain hydrogen water, Hyzumi’s range of generators allows the separation of H2 from the oxygen molecule therefore producing hydrogen rich water.

Current research shows that hydrogen can act as a selective antioxidant, and protects the body against free radicals that can cause harm to our body 27. Hydrogen water has been proven to be able to help the body defend against harmful free radicals and reactive oxygen species (ROS) 55. The hydrogen rich water generated from our water generator uses an electrode design that efficiently separates H2 from oxygen in the water.

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