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Certified Food Contact Safe

Patent Number:PCT/MY2018/000024


Japan Patented Office

Energia Research Institute Japan

Sirim QAS International

The International Trademark System

Japan Chemistry Innovation & Inspection Insitude

About Hyzumi

“We strive to educate and spread the wonders of living a hydrogen healthy lifestyle, for everyone.”

Hyzumi is a Malaysian brand of exceptionally made hydrogen water generators founded with Japanese patented technology to enrich your water with unlimited hydrogen supply to re-balance your health.

Hyzumi worked tirelessly since 2017 with Japanese partners, Ozawa and Nagae, in collaboration with Chugoku Electric Manufacturing Co. Inc with the successful  transfer of Japanese patented technology and knowledge to develop safe, high quality and innovative products.

[Photo] Miss Yap (General Manager / Co-Founder], Mr Yeap, Mr Ozawa (Partner / Inventor), Mr Nagae Senior, Mr Nagae Junior.

Hyzumi hydrogen water generator.

Designed to go the extra mile. All Hyzumi products have a patented electro-chemical delivery system using top grade cylindrical mesh titanium electrodes, micro-plated with a thick layer of platinum from Japan.

Our Patented Technology

Through several years of research and development, we have created and patented our very own hydrogen generator technology. Our generators are specifically designed with titanium electrodes plated with a thick layer of platinum to ensure the best consistency in hydrogen performance. These are certified food contact safe by SGS, Japan Chemical Innocation and Inspection Institute.

Patented delivery system

Patented electro-chemical delivery system

In collaboration with Chugoku Electric Manufacturing Co. Inc for the successful transfer of Japanese patented technology and knowledge to develop safe, high quality and innovative products in Malaysia.

Never enough nanobubbles

Thick visible layer of hydrogen bubbles in water.

When Hyzumi hydrogen generators in use, you will notice the abundance of tiny hydrogen molecules taht are converted and releassed form the cylindrical mesh. These molecules are proof of the high concerntration levels of dissolves hydrogen.

Artistic Engineering

Over the years, we have thoroughly researched our product design that is most effective for our consumers. From inside out, our products guarantee effective results for every glass you drink or eevery soak.
[Photo] Head of Field Engineer– YS FOONG

Hand Making Our Mark

We’ve carefully crafted our assembly and technology to give our consumer an authentic certified product. Tested by Energia Research Institute in Japan, our products have been proven safe and effective.

[Photo] Partner and Inventor – Mr Ozawa

Thoroughly tested

Safety is our main priority. Our in-house and external vigorous testing methods meet international standards. You have peace of mind to enjoy drinking and bathing with hydrogen water in your own time and space.

Don't take our words for it, take theirs.

"My experience with hydrogen started with Hyzumi Beauty. I had some reservations when I started using the product. After my first session, my skin felt smoother. To make sure it wasn’t just my imagination, I checked my heels on the third day and realized. they were much better. After a week, the cracks at the bottom of my feet were complete healed. My husband, a total skeptic, told me that my skin looked more radiant.
Joey Siow
"My piles shrunk though not fully recovered since drinking it for a few months. It has actually helped me a lot as I don't need to fuck it in each time I relief my bowel movement. Before drinking it, I was so stressed that I was thinking of getting it removed. Thanks very much to Hyzumi for making my life better !"
Ms Karen
Chelsea's mother, Malaysia
"Nama saya Wana, umur 39 tahun. Sebelum saya menggunakan Hyzumi, kandungan gula saya sebanyak 14.3 mmol/L. Setelah menggunakan Hyzumi selama sebulan, bacaan gula saya telah menurun. Bacaan terakhir kali saya adalah 10.4 mmol/L. Ini walaupun saya tidak menjaga diet saya. Saya hanya minum lebih kurang 2 liter sahaja. Saya rasa Hyzumi sangat sesuai untuk kesihatan terutama bagi pesakit diabetes. "
"I believe I am the first baby who has been taking Hyzumi H2 baths since birth. My father decided to buy Hyzumi for my mummy before I was born. My mummy had a skin allergy problem and the Hyzumi H2 bath helped improved her health...

Hyzumi BeautiSpa

Enrich with 11 Billion hydrogen bubbles, soak in a luxurious bath.

Hyzumi Travvel

Make the perfect glass of hydrogen water wherever, whenever.

What is Molecular Hydrogen

Hydrogen is an element that is made from a single electron and proton. It is one of the most abundant and smallest molecules found in the universe 24. Water is made up of 2 hydrogen atoms H2 and 1 oxygen atom 24. To obtain hydrogen water, Hyzumi’s range of generators allows the separation of H2 from the oxygen molecule therefore producing hydrogen rich water.

Current research shows that hydrogen can act as a selective antioxidant, and protects the body against free radicals that can cause harm to our body 27. Hydrogen water has been proven to be able to help the body defend against harmful free radicals and reactive oxygen species (ROS) 55. The hydrogen rich water generated from our water generator uses an electrode design that efficiently separates H2 from oxygen in the water.

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